What We Have Achieved

Vintage Golf Course

January 2001 - December 2010

Client Information

Vintage Developments Pty Ltd

Scope of Work

  • Bulk earthwork for golf course and subdivision development
  • Fairway construction and shaping
  • Tee and green mounds
  • Roads, drainage and residential infrastructure
  • Landscaping

Significant Achievements

  • With multiple contractors working on site, there was daily emphasis on coordination to ensure efficient operation and ongoing safety.  Daracon personnel work closely with other groups to prevent any interference or delays.
  • Daracon has been able to meet the client’s needs for a variety of plant and equipment to suit the full range of construction techniques that applied to the site.  Large capacity scrapers through to Bobcat skid steer machines were provided as necessary.
  • Wet weather was a serious issue for the site as the soil is clay-based and serious damage could occur to existing surfaces and natural vegetation by the careless use of earthmoving equipment.  Daracon’s site team was very aware of the problem and established designated access ways for all plant.  Special attention was given to work practices after rainfall, often requiring rescheduling work to avoid any surface damage.