We are committed to open and effective communication with local communities that represent the regions in which we operate. At Daracon, it’s our priority to utilise a range of methods to inform and involve these community groups effectively and equitably about our operations.

Our businesses carry out comprehensive planning for all of our operational sites and projects to preclude any foreseeable inconveniences to members of the community. Our management staff are supportive and responsive to community feedback whilst placing the utmost importance on community safety, well-being and the environment throughout all our activities.

We continue to foster a strong sense of corporate social responsibility within our workforce through Daracon's CSR (corporate social responsibility) which is extended in every aspect of community involvement.

Our work shapes our communities. But that’s simply not enough. We are dedicated to supporting the communities we operate in where we can. Over four decades, we have given back to the communities we operate in in various ways.

Major Sponsorships

We have been a major sponsor of ‘Variety – the Children’s Charity’ for over two decades and are proud to have raised more than $1,70,000 for children in need via our involvement in the Variety NSW Bash.

Daracon have been supporting Soul Hub since 2007, initially donating the ‘Soul Ute’ until 2024, before upgrading the vehicle to a 'Soul Van'. This in-kind donation also included covering the fully serviced vehicle and ongoing fuel costs. This enables Soul Hub to pick up from places across Newcastle like Second Bite (Coles), Top Cuts, Gatway Care, and The Butchery on Brunker, to name a few.

Daracon sponsors many events and organisations each year as part of our commitment to the communities in our local areas. Since 2018, we have contributed in excess of $300,000 to many local community teams and events via sponsorships and in-kind donations.

Workplace Giving 

  • In addition to fundraising on the Variety NSW Bash, Daracon employees generously give the Variety NSW through our workplace giving program, raising an additional $20,000 per year. 
  • Since 2003, our team members have generously supporters of the Westpac Rescue Helicopter via workplace giving, donating over $250,000 in that period. 

Variety, the Children's Charity

We are a major sponsor and active participant for “Variety – the Children’s Charity” and, having been involved for close to two decades, have raised in excess of $1,700,000 for children in need.

The culmination of our local fundraising is the week long Variety Bash through country New South Wales where we give away the proceeds of our fund raising to deserving schools and community groups. Our cars are especially themed to impress and excite children and adults alike. In addition to the Variety Bash, Daracon employees give generously through our workplace giving program raising on average an additional $20,000 per year.

Westpac Rescue Helicopter

For the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service, Workplace Giving has been the backbone of their community fundraising for over three decades and is supported by thousands of workers from all industries throughout Northern NSW.

The support of local businesses and their employees provide an essential, stable income stream for the Service, allowing them to plan ahead and invest in training and infrastructure to ensure they can continue to deliver the highest standard of aeromedical care when it is needed the most.

Learn more here. 

Soul Hub

Soul Café was set up in 2003 to serve the needs of the poor, needy and vulnerable – a purpose they continue to pursue with energy and passion with the mantra "doing all that we can with what we have." Today, now known as Soul Hub, they face increasing numbers of disadvantaged people across the Newcastle community looking for support.

Soul Hub are committed to being ‘more than a meal’ and deliver a wide range of help and support to everyone that comes in.

Daracon have been supporting Soul Hub since 2007.