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December 2021 — August 2022
Watagan Park, Cooranbong, NSW
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Project Summary:

The Project consisted of the construction of the residential stages 3.5, 3.6, 3.9 & 3.10 of Watagan Park with a total of 116 lots in addition to the bulk earthworks of the sporting fields and completion of a park area with a grasses area, half court and play equipment, Local Park North.

Project Scope:

Construction of 116 lots across four stages with delivery of a park and earthworks to future sporting fields, activities involved:

  • Bulk earthworks involving over 120,000m3 of cut/fill.
  • Construction of road pavements, including dual carriageways, local roads & a roundabout – totalling 13,500 m2 of road pavement.
  • Water, recycled water and pressure sewer infrastructure installation for the Altogether network.
  • Construction of 2.5km of retaining walls from sandstone logs.
  • General Subdivision landscape works and the construction of a local park inclusive of play equipment, retaining walls, kick about area and mass planting.

Key Challenges:

  • La Nina weather pattern resulting in over 100 days of wet weather delay to the program.
  • Supply chain issues for materials ranging from subsoil, stormwater pipe and quarry products.


Mark Craven
Divisional Manager - Hunter Property
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