Our Commitment
Our Approach

Safety is an integral part of our business. It is not an “add-on” to our work, it's the way we work.

Everyone is expected to participate in, take responsibility for, and support our civil construction and civil engineering safety initiatives. We strive to develop a safety-first culture throughout our business by ensuring the following:

  • Senior management provide visible leadership and support
  • Employees are involved in decisions
  • Open communication is established to create good relations between management and employees
  • High but realistic standards and rules are set for safety
  • Performance is monitored and analysed whilst providing feedback to our workforce and
  • Reward and recognition is given to our employees for safety excellence

This is the key to preventing incidents and injuries and forms the basis of our continuous journey to safety excellence.

Commitment to civil engineering and construction WHS (work, health and safety) and welfare is given from the highest corporate level in Daracon. Planning is integral to our operation and provides the foundation for ensuring the safety of our people.

The key to Daracon’s success is based around four elements:

  1. Safe People – employing people with the right attitude, the right approach, skills, experience, competency and safe behaviours.
  2. Safe Plant and Equipment - utilisation of modern plant with the latest technology, planned preventative maintenance and regular replacement schedules that is operated in most cases by a single user and is inspected every day prior to use.
  3. Safe Processes – our WHS Management Systems provide the necessary training and means for our workforce to assess operational risks by identifying applicable hazards and applying suitable mitigation measures. Our management systems are third party certified to AS/NZS4801:2001, ISO45001:2018 and accredited to the Office Federal Safety Commissioner (OFSC).
  4. Safe Environment – our worksites are inspected and maintained to a standard that complies with legislative requirements and ensures a work environment that is safe for our people to complete their operational activities.

 This approach makes incident prevention possible.

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