Monitoring Data

At Daracon, we take our responsibility seriously in ensuring sustainable development and effective implementation of leading civil construction environmental practices is applied to all of our operational decisions. Our commitment and ability to continually act in this manner is a measure of the success of our projects, and the company as a whole.

The team at Daracon recognise our obligation to succeeding generations to minimise our potential impact on the environment; whilst working towards improving the infrastructure we need to support our communities without degrading the environment.

We are committed to our operational objectives of preventing pollution, conserving biodiversity and using precautionary practices to minimise ecological impact. The commitment and ability to achieve these targets is a key component that sets Daracon apart from its competitors.

Integrated with our Quality System is an Environmental Management System that is certified by Bureau Veritas to AS/NZS ISO 14001:2015. This management system focuses on protection of the environment, prevention of pollution and sustainability.

Pollution Incident Response Management Plans

Daracon, in accordance with changes made to the State Government’s Protection of the Environment Operations Act and our commitment to responsible civil engineering and project management, now have a Pollution Incident Response Plan (PIRMP) for each of our sites that have an Environmental Protection Licence (EPL).

Each plan is relevant to local emergency response agencies, their precise contact details and how and when they will be contacted.

The plans also include at a minimum:

  • Description and likelihood of hazards
  • Pre-emptive actions to be taken
  • Inventory of pollutants
  • Safety equipment
  • Communicating with neighbours and the community
  • Minimising harm to persons on the premises
  • Actions to be taken during or immediately after a pollution incident
  • Staff training.

Please click the below links to view Daracon's PIRMP's

Monitoring Data

Environmental Monitoring Data is an initiative that provides the community access to monitoring information required by Environment Protection Licences. Where required by any of its EPL’s and as a commitment to our high civil construction standards, Daracon will ensure monitoring data is made publicly available in a timely manner.

The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) issues Environment Protection Licences (EPLs) to the owners or operators of various industrial premises under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 (POEO Act).

Licence conditions relate to pollution prevention and monitoring, and cleaner operations through recycling, reuse and the implementation of leading practice.

Daracon throughout its operations may require such licences in order to perform its works which if licences are current, they will be listed below.

Ardglen Quarry

EPL 1115

Martins Creek Quarry

EPL 1378

Buttai Quarry

EPL 12829

Barrackville Quarry

EPL 21599

Fairburn Quarry

EPL 21605

Pacific Highway Lisarow - Stage 3b

EPL 21076

Transport of Trackable Waste - Daracon Engineering

EPL 12276