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Upper Hunter Shire Council
October 2020 — April 2021
Scone, NSW
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Daracon was engaged by Upper Hunter Shire Council for the Scone Airport Airside Infrastructure Upgrade to ensure the airport’s compliance with safety regulations and allow for the construction of a new terminal building, hangars and Warbirds Visitor Aviation Attraction.

The Scone Airport Airside Infrastructure Upgrade involved the construction of all new apron, helipad and taxiway pavements. Resurfacing works and large patch repairs were required to maintain the existing runway.

Drainage works were required with the upgrading of stormwater and the installation of subsoil drainage.

These upgrade works will now allow Upper Hunter Shire Council (UHSC) to expand their airport operations as well as facilitating the operation of larger jet propelled aircraft at the regional airport.

Scope of Works

  • Resurface existing runway, linemarking and install perimeter drainage;
  • 71,000m2 of in situ lime stabilisation of subgrade material;
  • 70,000t of imported pavement material (DGB20 & FCR20) for apron, helipad and taxiway pavements;
  • 50,000m2 of two coat spray seal application;
  • 3km of reinforced concrete pipe stormwater install; 
  • 9km of subsoil drainage install; and
  • New entry access road in to the airport.


  • Complete significant scope of works whilst maintaining the operational capacity of the airport and maintain access to hangars and other existing airport infrastructure;
  • Completing works on the runway in safe and timely manner to ensure no delays or interruptions to air traffic;
  • Interactions with live aircraft and airport traffic; and
  • Importing 70,000t of pavement material in whilst minimising impact to local road users and airport users.
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