What We Have Achieved

Hexham Up Coal Reconditioning

July 2015 - October 2015

Client Information


  • Duration: July 2015 - October 2015
  • Value: $3.7M
  • Location: Hexham, NSW

Scope of Work

  • 1,600m of trackĀ  formation reconditioning on the Up Coal at Hexham extending from 173.700km to 174.060km and 174.130 to 175.370km
  • Excavation depth to 1.9m BTOR and formation was rebuilt with rock fill
  • Onsite spoil and acid sulphate management and export to Farley. Approximately 18,000m3 of materials handled during the works
  • Works completed with adjacent live trains for the duration of the works

Significant Achievements

  • The 1240m section from 174.130 to 175.370km was completed in a single track possession of 122hrs
  • Innovation by Daracon identified that the extended possession was possible with trains run around our works through the newly constructed Relief Roads. This resulted in significant cost and time savings to ARTC with the works being completed in 3 possessions rather than 6 originally planned. The cost savings were then used to extend the original works and complete additional scope.