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Meet Neisha, Daracon's Project Engineer

News | Monday, 10th January 2022

Meet Neisha, Project Engineer at Daracon.

Neisha's love for engineering sparked when she was just a teenager in year 7, and growing up on a farm she was always naturally solving problems. Neisha had the opportunity to complete an on-campus week-long STEM program in year 7 with the University of Newcastle and after a week immersed in the world of engineering, she was sold. Fast-track through high school, her HSC and university degree, she is now a fresh engineering graduate specialised in civil.

Neisha loves the process and seeing projects come to life. "Having a problem, solving it and seeing the finished product is always super rewarding," said Neisha. Being a young female engineer, she has a strong approach to being on a work site and nothing holds her back. She's a fantastic communicator and firmly believes in the value of open dialogue.

"My biggest advice to young women is if you have an opportunity or you have an interest in STEM subjects, go talk to your careers advisor at school and ask - don't be worried what others think! The engineering and construction industry is key in society and quickly evolving. The UON women’s camp in year 7, and a further two in year 10 and 11 in Sydney, made me realise what was really possible", Neisha concluded.

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