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Johnson Property Group
December 2011 — December 2018
Cooranbong, NSW
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Commencing in December 2011, Daracon has constructed approximately 600 of the total master planned 2500 lot development during this ongoing residential project in the Watagan Park subdivision at Coorranbong, NSW. 

Scope of Work

  • Earthworks, including leveling blocks by utilising sandstone logs
  • Roads and stormwater drainage construction
  • Utilities installations, including a Flow Systems sewer and water recycled network
  • Landscaping services
  • Permanent Detention and Nutrient Control Basins.


  • Successfully implementing significant earthworks at all stages of the project to produce flat building pads to all lots, including all associated rock excavation
  • Constructing retaining walls to the majority of lots, consisting of individually placed 2m long sandstone blocks
  • With the exception of the Hunter Water lead-in infrastructure, the development utilised their own Flow Systems recycled water network, which includes a recycled water treatment plant
  • Due to the poor quality of the subgrades, the pavements were all modified to be a combination of stabilised material, increased in thickness or in situ lime stabilised
  • The main road into the development crosses a natural creek line, meaning removal and replacement up to 3m of unsuitable material was required prior to construction of culvert works and permanent basins.


Cory Hay
Divisional Manager - Plant and Transport
Leadership Team
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