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March 2018 — May 2019
Singleton, NSW
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The replacement of the affectionately known ‘Hole in the Wall’ Gowrie Gates Bridge involved reworking the pre-existing twin steel, transom top rail underbridge that carries the Main Northern Rail Line, running over the New England Highway. This project was completed in conjunction with the ARTC/RMS as a joint-funded project. 

Scope of Work

  • Replacing the existing bridge with precast, post-tensioned main girders and precast, pretensioned slab topped with in situ concrete deck single span bridge, to be constructed on site. This was then lifted to slide into place during a November 96 hour possession. 
  • Realigning and some formation reconditioning will be included in the works on the existing Up and Down tracks of the Main Northern Rail Line
  • Included in the contract is the upgrade of the New England Highway (NEH) beneath the bridge, to include three metre wide shoulders
  • The construction requires the diversion of traffic on the NEH to a temporary side-track crossing during track possessions, and consequent NEH closure. This track includes a ‘Drop in Span’ steel bridge to span the railway during possessions


  • The successful execution of a complex construction within, and adjacent to, the extremely busy Singleton to Muswellbrook rail line during possession and non-possession times (dominated by coal trains) 
  • Coordinating with subcontract designers to generate temporary designs for piling pads and sheet piling walls 
  • Extensive coordination with SMEC and girder manufacturer Structural Concrete Industries (SCI) to formulate connection detail, allowing the joining of girders supplied and delivered in three sections
  • Delivering the works within a 56-week program, with limited rail possession dates and times. As a result, the works required meticulous programing and organisation by the site team leading up to, and during possession, to meet PC date
  • Establishment of crane pads and coordination of 750 tonne crane to allow for 160 tonne girder lifts on temporary headstocks, prior to bridge slide
  • Coordination of a post-tensioning subcontractor to allow for girders to be post-tensioned on-site while being supplied in three sections
  • Coordination of a post-tensioning subcontractor to slide the 400t bridge into place within the 96 hour possession
  • Extensive traffic control staging required on the NEH to allow for widening of approach and pavement reconstruction
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