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Hunter and Central Coast Development Corporation
July 2019 — July 2020
Kooragang Island, NSW
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The Kooragang Island Waste Emplacement Facility was previously used by BHP Newcastle Steelworks as a landfill site from the late 1960’s up to 1999 when BHP ceased operations. The NSW Government took possession of the site in 2002 and has been undertaking progressive capping and related environmental improvement works to close the landfill. The project consists of bulk earthworks and capping over 32 hectares.


  • Establishment of erosion and sediment controls;
  • Establishment of protection measures for protected species (Green and Gold Bell Frog);
  • Strip topsoil and stockpile (15,000m3 approx.);
  • General earthworks (cut to fill 30,000m3 approx.) to regrade surface to design with1% grade and management of contaminated materials in accordance with materials management plan;
  • General earthworks (import, place and compact 35,000m3 approx.) to regrade surface to design with 1% grade;
  • Import, place and compact capping (120,000m3 approx. to depth of0.5m) ensuring that a minimum permeability of 1 x 10-7 m/sec is achieved;
  • Respread topsoil (34,000m3approx.); and
  • Construction of sediment basins and surface drains using LDDPE Geomembrane with a minimum thickness of 2mm and using geotextile A34 to protect the liner.


Michael Rummery
Divisional Manager - Hunter Civil
Leadership Team
Daniel Pitcher
Construction Manager
Leadership Team
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