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Hunter Safety Awards Finalist

News | Wednesday, 19th February 2020

Daracon Group is very pleased to announce we have four Finalist Nominations for the Hunter Safety Awards (HSA) 2020. Each nomination is listed below with a summary of the great work that has led to the finalist nominations

Most Innovative WHS Idea (Large Organisation)

A need for an improved work method and mechanism to aid in the construction of underslung bridge pipework was identified onsite as a concept and then taken to qualified engineering fabrication specialists to assist in the design and engineering aspects to improve safe work practices on the Scone Bypass project. Out of this process the now commonly known “DPL” or Scone Daracon Pipe Lifter was born, which has allowed safe access and construction of underslung designed drainage locations on the Scone Bypass Bridges, spanning for more than 600 metres in total.

The DPL allows the drainage pipes to be installed when traditional methods would not be practical when working over the Parsons Gully Creek and two local roads.

The DPL has eliminated awkward manual handling aspects of the work scope needed to meet the design. It has also reduced operation costs by removing the need for scaffolding to be erected, inspected and dismantled progressively along the bridge.

Furthermore, improvements to the work method from utilising the DPL has eliminated previous requirements to block off local roads during installation. This was of great benefit to the project as local authorities were considering not providing consent to construct this drainage during standard construction hours.

Through the implementation of the DPL, foreseeable impacts on the community and the workforce have been avoided which has also eliminated other potential hazards from working in the evening and during night works.

Best WHS Management System (Large Organisation)

Daracon Group is passionate about the implementation of our WHS Management Systems ensuring they are an integral part of how we do business. It provides a framework for setting objectives, guiding performance, being innovative and monitoring outcomes. Daracon identified a need to develop our own personalised and structured document repository that was able to be utilised within all areas of the business and all geographical locations of the business. This system provides access to all types of documents within the group such as policies, procedures, forms, and other WHS operational documents. As well as useful links in order to be able to access other important industry information through the one platform.

This system eliminates the need for uncontrolled documents to be used and creates a structured workflow for approvals, communication, and document control to ensure effective WHS management and compliance.

Best WHS Improvement System (Large Organisation)

Daracon Group has implemented a flexible and customised online CMS (compliance management system) and LMS (learning management system) platform which allows the group of businesses to automate a broad range of processes. The customised system focuses on improving competency and qualification compliance, operational efficiency and productivity and sharing organisational knowledge throughout the group. This is achieved by having business competency needs inputted as profile requirements that provide administrators with automated notifications and alerts for employee training and competency needs, specifically WHS.

In addition, it allows for training and short courses to be completed online and at any time by all employees across the group, essentially creating a 24-hour training hub to support our varied and geographically spread operations.

Best Health and Wellbeing Program (Large Organisation)

Daracon Group trialed an innovative, evidence-based weight loss program developed by researchers at the University of Newcastle and Hunter Medical Research Institute. ‘Workplace Power’ (Preventing Obesity Without Eating like a Rabbit) is a program that was initially designed to teach male shift workers how to lose weight – without having to give up beer or eat like a rabbit.

Daracon has a transport section of the business and it was identified that long-haul truck drivers are a high-risk and hard to engage subgroup. By adapting the locally designed Workplace Power program to meet the needs of these men, we have helped them to achieve meaningful improvements in their weight and health behaviours. These results are striking, given most programs targeting transport employees have limited success. We are confident these improvements have led to increased productivity and improved morale.

This program will now be rolled out by Daracon facilitators, under the guidance of HMRI and the University of Newcastle to ensure that all workers (now being rolled out for all genders in the business) have access to a healthier lifestyle.

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