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Daracon Group donate new delivery vehicle to Soul Cafe

News | Friday, 9th August 2019

Daracon has provided Soul Cafe with a Toyota ute since 2007. In addition to the ute, we cover all vehicle expenses, including fuel and servicing. 

The ute is used by Soul Cafe to collect rescued food. This financial year alone, the ute has enabled Soul to put more than nineteen tonnes of food on the plate. 

Earlier this year, we contacted Soul to let them know we intended upgrading the ute to a more recent model. The Soul Cafe volunteer drivers are reportedly thrilled to be driving the replacement Toyota Hilux ute. 

Soul Cafe is a grass-roots, non-government funded, local charity responding to local community needs, supported by our local community. Soul Cafe serve hundreds of free meals each week to highly disadvantaged members of our community, many of whom are homeless, have a mental illness, substance abuse issue or live in poverty. Guests of the cafe can access programmes and support services that seek to elevate their circumstances including medical and mental health clinics, podiatry, chiropractor, Centrelink, legal services, haircuts, hygiene and food care packs.

Our General Manager, Adam Kelly summed it up well when he said "It was an easy decision for us to replace the existing ute with a newer model. This upgrade will allow Soul Cafe to continue their vital work in the region and we’re honoured to continue our partnership with this great local charity.”