Subdivision Construction

Subdivision Construction


Daracon group has almost 30 years involvement in subdivision development with projects ranging in value from $200,000 up to in excess of $30 million.  These projects include single stage developments, infill development, through to large scale multiple stage developments.  Our clients include Mirvac, Stockland, Delfin Lend Lease, Creighton Properties.

Civil Contractor Services

  • Ability to construct sub-divisional property development from clearing to completion. In house concreters, plumbers, quarry products, landscapers, haulage, earthmoving, machinery, allows timely completion of projects, utilising a consistent project team
  • Expertise in delivering projects on time & within budget, to the satisfaction of regulatory authorities and clients
  • Strong benefit of all Daracon Group's resources, allow cost and time effective solutions to project complexities during and pre-construction
  • Environmental and safety compliance assured, due to commitment by project teams, and A.S. certified systems
  • Stable workforce of permanent project personnel has allowed growth of experiences and applications to provide efficient, skilled construction teams
  • Design, Initiation, Construction Services
  • Utilising internal Civil Engineers and external consultants, Daracon can develop a project from conception, to DA approval, to construction, utilising our strong construction background to focus on efficient and practical design outcomes
  • Daracon has proven that a strong practical construction focus during the design phase, will push projects towards successful construction

Pipeline Services

  • Established team of plumbers, drainers and associated trades, complimented by Daracon Group's resources
  • Projects as diverse as vacuum sewer, sewer rising main, water mains, coal washery mains, coal stockpile fire mains, aerial crossings, water and sewer treatment plants
  • Pre-certification to all local authority systems, preferred contractor to major utilities providers