In the Sydney and Hunter Regions, Daracon Landscaping has completed a broad range of landscaping projects such as subdivisions, waterways, golf courses, playgrounds, shopping centre, sporting fields, and large scale residential projects including follow up maintenance.

Projects Include:
Subdivisions - Rouse Hill, Ropes Crossing, Nelsons Ridge and Lakewood
Sporting field and public infrastructure - Ropes Crossing
Extensive open space, dog off leash areas and playgrounds - Rouse Hill, Ropes Crossing, Nelson Ridge, Lakewood and Doonside
Rehabilitation of waterways, creeks and river banks - Rouse Hill, Nelsons Ridge Windsor and West Hoxton

Hunter Region
Subdivisions - Sanctuary, Aberglasslyne, Murrays Beach, Eastbrook links, Bagnells Beach and Nikkinba Ridge
Sporting field, shopping centre, community centre and park for the Charlestown Square redevelopment
Variety Playground - Speers Point and specialised playgrounds at various daycare centre’s in Newcastle
Golf course embellishments - Vintage, Tallwooods and Cypress Lakes
Environmentally sensitive sites - Ash Island for Frog Habitat and sand dune rehabilitation at Magenta Shores

Hunter Hydromulching is also part of the landscaping division specialising in hydroseeding and hydromulching, erosion control, batter stabilization, dust & odor suppression, mechanical seeding & fertilsiing, large scale mulch spreading and tractor slashing. The landscaping and revegetation team have excellent qualifications and experience in all types of site preparation, planting, construction and rehabilitation activities.