What We Have Achieved

Tourle St Bridge

September 2008 - May 2009

Client Information


  • Duration: 8 Months
  • Value: $30.3 million
  • Location: Mayfield West- Kooragang Island
  • Project Details

Scope of Work

  • Construction of bridge including:
    • Tubular steel piles
    • Abutments
    • Reinforced concrete piers
    • 255m, 8 span prestressed concrete girder bridge
    • Traffic barrier railings
    • Road pavements
    • 300mm stormwater & 600mm watermain
  • Earthworks including pre-consolidation of soils and construction of embankments,680m of approach road works

Significant Achievements

  • The project is expected to be completed approximately 10 weeks ahead of schedule
  • An innovative girder launching system was utilised on the project to overcome practical limitations. A purpose-built 70m long, 130t gantry was employed to place girders for the bridge, which also provided a high level of precision during placement
  • An underground bentonite cut-off wall was constructed on the Southern approach to prevent spread of existing industrial waste contamination (benzene plume) into the adjacent groundwater and surface water systems
  • Steel casings were installed prior to the driving of concrete piles as protective sleeves to prevent the surrounding contaminated soil and groundwater making contact with the piles
  • Extensive planning was required to coordinate and allow watermain relocation, approach works, and bridge works to be carried out simultaneously
  • Various sacrificial anodes were installed to provide the pile, abutment and pier concrete with cathodic protection from the surrounding marine environment
  • Due to existing high traffic volumes, complex traffic management issues were successfully overcome through the staging of approach works, construction of temporary sidetracks, and implementation of various traffic restrictions