What We Have Achieved

Sanctuary Intersection

January 2011 - July 2011

Client Information


  • Duration: 6 months
  • Value: $2.1M
  • Location: Intersection of Minmi Rd / Awabakal Dr / Bellbird Close, Fletcher
  • Project Details

Scope of Work

  • Traffic Control
  • Pavement demolition
  • RN73 Heavily Bound Pavement
  • Other Road Pavements including AC overlay
  • Stormwater drainage including SF ACO drainage
  • Concrete cycleway and driveway
  • Signalised traffic lights
  • Street lighting
  • Balustrade School FencingĀ 

Significant Achievements

Traffic control for the busy Minmi Road was coordinated to minimise the impact on the bus, car and pedestrian traffic for Bishop Tyrrell College. After liaison with the college, all school traffic was detoured to alternative routes. Carful preplanning and staging for traffic control configurations was required to allow cold joints to be placed in the correct locations. The final traffic switch was particularly complex whilst coordinating the traffic light commissioning and final linemarking.