Civil Engineering

What We Have Achieved

PWCS Project - 3D Civil Works

Completed December 2006

Client Information


  • Duration: 12 months
  • Value: $4.5 million
  • Location: Kooragang Island
  • Project Details

Scope of Work

  • Large ground foundations with intricate pedestals for mechanical steelwork.
  • Elevated concrete slabs at varying heights again including intricate pedestals and tight tolerance bolt placement for mechanical steelwork.
  • Large pile caps, pedestals and holding down bolts for conveyor gantries.
  • Foundations for various structures including ring beams for large capacity water tanks.

Significant Achievements

  • Daracon has a current crew of qualified form-workers, steel-fixers and concreters capable of the smallest jobs to the more intricate and large scale works. The team is derived form a vast array of backgrounds including bridgework, form and false work, carpentry for concrete structures, steel fixing, pre-cast and in-situ concreting works.
  • The works also include six elevated concrete slabs ranging from 4.0m to 11.0m above ground. Some of these were completed inside existing structures whilst others are for new structures.
  • The work at heights required the installation of “Bondec” formwork over structural steel, of which the majority was completed from elevated work platforms using site specific working at heights plans, developed by Daracon, complying to Australian Standards for Working at Heights.
  • The entire project consists of approximately 1,760m3 of concrete. The concrete crew has achieved this well ahead of program with excellent quality finishes on all structures.  To date there has been over 14,000 man-hours work on this project with no LTI’s recorded.