What We Have Achieved

Drayton Down Relief Road

March 2014 - November 2014

Client Information


  • Duration: March 2014 - November 2014
  • Location: Antiene, NSW

Scope of Work

 The work associated with the Drayton Down Relief Road Project included the following:

  • Approximately 40,000 cubic metres of earthworks cut and borrow to fill
  • Duplication of Hebden Road underbridge
  • Extension of five existing drainage culverts;
  • Construction of approximately 2.3Km of Heavy Haul Rail track including installation and refurbishment of turnouts and a cross over
  • All new signalling infrastructure associated with the new Relief Road including a new signal gantry
  • Construction of a Noise Wall adjacent to the Lake Liddell caravan park
  • Construction of a full length rail access road adjacent to  new Relief Road
  • Working to a strict timeline and throughout four independent rail possessions between March and October 2014

Significant Achievements

  • Completion of the Relief Road Project on time (commissioned in October major possession) whilst also dealing with significant quantity of additional scope of work as a result of a large quantity of unsuitable within the existing embankment
  • Safe working within the Rail corridor for the Project was delivered without incident
  • Zero impact to train operations
  • Zero LTI’s across approximately 60,000 man hours and four rail possessions
  • Zero complaints received from the local community or caravan park located immediately adjacent to the work site
  • Zero environmental incidents
  • Working adjacent to Hebden Road without incident or accident;
  • Cooperative relationship developed with ARTC ensured all site issues were resolved in a timely and productive manner