Civil Engineering

What We Have Achieved

Cessnock Waste Transfer Station

January 2017 - July 2017

Client Information

Cessnock City Council

  • Duration: January 2017 - July 2017
  • Value: $5.1M
  • Location: Cessnock, NSW

Scope of Work

  • Construction of 15,600m2 of pavements including unbound, heavily bound and concrete pavements (roundabout)
  • Partial removal (up to 2.5m deep from FL) and bridging over old waste cell
  • Construction of two large portal frame buildings ‘Mixed Waste Building’ and the ‘Community Drop off Building’
  • Construction of three block work retaining walls to a max of 2m in height and a total combined length of 115m
  • Supply and installation of 775m of RCP and 1002m of PVC stormwater and leachate water lines with precast and insitu built pits etc.
  • Construction of slabs for unmanned weighbridge and bottle bank

Significant Achievements

  • Traffic staging around the weighbridge during construction of the new pavements to keep the facility open to the public