What We Have Achieved

Boggabri Haul Road

January 2006 - October 2006

Client Information

Idemitsu Boggabri Coal Pty Ltd

Scope of Work

Daracon completed the construction of 17 km Haul Road  from the mine to the rail loading facility including two local road intersections and crossing the Namoi River and Kamilaroi Highway, construction of 3.5 km coal loading rail loop to top of capping level, construction of 4 span pre- cast concrete bridge over the Namoi River, construction of temporary river platform in the Namoi River, extensive drainage works for haul road and rail loop, 275,000m3 cut to fill for haul road,  82,000m3 of borrow for subgrade replacement layer on the haul road, 92,000m3 cut to fill for the rail loop, drill and blast 30,000m3 of rock cutting in the haul road, construction of a clay fill sedimentation dam, construction of Kamilaroi Highway Bridge abutments and in-situ stabilisation of clay subgrade replacement layer for full road length.

Significant Achievements

The project finished one month earlier than originally scheduled  regardless of the following major scope changes and delays within that time including:

  • Triple the quantity of earthworks for the rail loop facility due to current design standards from 30,000m3 to 92,000m3
  • Construction of a major bridge embankment over the Kamilaroi highway consisting of an extra 50,000m3 of borrow to fill
  • Full construction of a clay fill sedimentation dam within the new mine workings
  • Delays occurred awaiting sensitive aboriginal artefact area releases

The following significant construction achievements were met on this contract:

  • Full construction of 17km of haul road with a total earthworks quantity of 410,000m3
  • Crushing, cartage and placement of 80,000m3 of imported sub-base and base to the haul road
  • Construction of 1km of box culverts in the haul road
  • Construction of 330m of helcore pipelines from Ø525mm to Ø1500mm including a major triple cell 1500mm diameter pipeline
  • In-situ stabilisation at 250mm and 450mm depths of clay subgrade for the length of the haul road and quantity of 82,000m3
  • Drilling and Blasting 30,000m3 non-rippable rock
  • Construction of 2 major 4 cell concrete culverts and a 4 cell 2100mm diameter helcore under the rail loop
  • Management of sensitive archaeological sites within the work areas
  • Construction of a temporary Namoi River platform, and the subsequent removal and restoration of the river bed to enable bridge construction to the satisfaction of NSW fisheries