What We Have Achieved

BHP Sheetpiling

August 2009 - June 2010

Client Information

Thiess Services / BHP Billiton

Scope of Work

This project involved the construction of a 900m long sheet pile wall at the edge of the old Newcastle BHP foreshore. It involved installation of a working platform in the Hunter River, installation of approximately 770 steel piles averaging 16m in length, 1.2m width and 3.5 to 5 tonne each, installation of 248 SBMA ground anchors and controlled backfill and platform removal.

Significant Achievements

  • Installation and removal at completion of 850m long working platform of ballast to enable full access fro piling rigs, anchor rigs and persons to complete the works.
  • Installation and removal of a temporary 50m long steel platform for access at a deep section of the wall for access by the anchor rigs and steel work subcontractor.
  • Installation of 770 steel double piles with an average length of 16m , width of 1.2m and weighing between 3.5 and 5 tonnes each.
  • Supply and installation of 248 ground anchors being approximately 30m long at 30% from the face of the wall and drilled from the front of the wall. The anchor system specified and installed is an SBMA (Single Bore Multistrand anchor) not widely used in Australia and exclusive to Menards Bachy.
  • Excavation and classification of contaminated soils under direct supervision and  control of environmental engineers from Envirpacific.
  • Supply and install steel waler beams (up to twin 610UBs) and anchor heads at front of the wall.
  • Install anodes at rear of the sheetpile wall.
  • Supply and install denso lining, including spraying a specified protective coating to the denso, to the rear of the wall at the splash zone being 900m long and 2m in height.
  • Extensive dewatering at the rear of the wall to enable work to proceed. This involved use of progressive dewatering sumps and up to a combination of six 4" and 6" pumps at any one time.
  • Carrying out the works under strict environmental standards with no significant incidents during the course of the works.
  • Extensive control of subcontractors performing high risk activities such as sheet piling, anchors and major steelwork and earthworks.