Our Values


Daracon’s diverse range of services is further extended by two other organisations that are part of our group of companies but who operate as separate entities. They add significant value to our projects by providing immediate access to specialist expertise in the critical areas of Environmental Engineering and Concrete Structures.



Contaminated land and water pose unique challenges for industry and land owners that often require an immediate response. The key to this outcome is having direct access to an experienced remediation service provider  that can deliver on time and within budget.

Enviropacific Services is a leading contaminated site remediation and waste management service provider to public and private sectors throughout Australia. They look at every job from the client’s perspective and identify the most appropriate solutions for the management of contaminated land and water treatment. Enviropacific’s  ability to directly implement the most effective measures to overcome challenges arising from contaminated land and water ensures completeness of each outcome and confidence in meeting the estimated cost and programme.




Arenco is one of Australia's leading specialists in Infrastructure Construction.

We take a holistic approach to our clients' work by combining innovative design, high skill construction, disciplined programming and budgeting with a contemporary management approach.  Our reasoned attitudes to safety, people, quality, industrial relations and the environment mean we deliver projects with resounding results.

Arenco employs more than 100 office and site personnel and is a fully owned subsidiary of the Daracon Group, which offers an underpinning strength and elasticity to the business in terms of project size and scope.

Our team encompasses a diverse range of skills in the fields of civil engineering, building construction, design management, project management, quality control, occupational health and safety and environmental management.