Our Approach

Striving for Safety Excellence

Commitment to health, safety and welfare is given from the highest corporate level in Daracon. Leading by example is an expectation placed on all Managers.

Planning is integral to our operation and guarantees safety. Statistics don’t drive our safety performance; our safety performance is measured by our statistics.

The key to Daracon’s success is based around four elements:

  1. Safe People – right attitude, right approach, skills, experience and competency, quality of work and ultimately safe behaviour. 
  2. Safe Plant and Equipment - modern plant using the latest technology, that receives regular preventative maintenance, that is “turned over” and replaced with new regularly, that is operated in most cases by a single user and is inspected prior to use.
  3. Safe Processes – founded on risk assessments prior to Projects commencing, planning projects for safe and efficient construction and operation, all tasks risk assessed and Safe Work Method Statements developed. Hazards identified and controlled and control measures implemented reviewed for effectiveness.
  4. Safe Environment – procedures and rules are implemented to control risks, identifying, assessing and controlling the work environment for inherent hazards, by the provision of information and instruction to personnel on expectations such as agreed work practices and complying with site rules specific to the work.

 This approach makes incident prevention possible.